Here is a 10 channel pre amp I built some years ago, when it actually was economically feasible to build your own gear. When I designed and built this, the Yamaha DSP Factory was 699 and the Focusrite Octopre was 900.. If I remember correctly, the cost for parts was around 200. It could have been much less, but I had no choice but to use RS and Maplin for components! It has a discrete 'front end' with two differential compound transistor pairs (4 transistors per channel ), arguably still the best way to design an audio pre amp, and still used in the design of most pro audio op amp chips! After etching the two circuit board design I had to manually drill 2000 holes!. And regrettably there was one small error in the board design, hence the grey jumper wires! The preamp still works fine and I recently designed and built this new power supply for it.

10 channel pre amp I built some years ago.. Lower board shown...
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