Fully Balanced transformerless Preamp-DI.
Phantom powered, can be plugged directly into mixer etc or via standard mic cable.
470k instrument input impedance (up to 10 meg with Strumit Fet Cable)
Pin 2 Hot, Pin 3 Power for powering our Fet Cables and Miniature Boom Mic.
The MicroDI can also be used to power the popular DPA 4060 / 4061 and other miniature microphones..
Nothing at all flash here, but what more do you need than a matched instrument and
an led to indicate that the unit is powered. And this little fella is only 9cm long.
Warning.. This preamp has a very wide frequency response. Do use the appropriate High Pass EQ if used as an instrument DI..

Hi Z Combination
MicroDI + jack shell mounted fet preamp lead
10 meg ohm impedance
Suitable for most passive piezo pickups
Neutrik Silent Jack, Neutrik XLR connector,
Low capacitance, OFC free cable.

Miniature Boom-Mic Combination
MicroDI + high
quality back-electret condenser microphone
20Hz - 20 Khz frequency response
Fitted to a Neutrik jack plug
Neutrik XLR, Low capacitance OFC free cable
Designed for mounting on a Carpenter style Jack Mount.

Standard Instrument DI Combination
  1. Neurtik Silent Jack
  2. Neutrik XLR
  3. Low capacitance OFC free cable.

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