I have just ordered three DPA 4061 miniature microphones mainly to use for close mic'd acoustic instruments. Unfortunately they are fitted with Microdot and Lemo plugs. Useless for use on my recording rig. DPA make a Phantom Power adapter (DAD6001) for a mere 100 (Ouch!) to power the 406X series mics. From what I can ascertain the adaptor uses a fairly simple passive circuit arrangement which reduces the 48 volts Phantom Power to the correct level for DPA capsule and also matches the impedance to a fairly standard low impedance. I will build 3 similar adapters using Neutrik NC3MXX 3 Pin Male XLR which will house the components inside. At a cost of around 6 each...

Update: I built four of these converters and they work fine however, I decided to buy a DPA DAD6001. The circuit must have been updated as it is now an active design, and there are quite a few components mounted on the circuit board.

DPA DAD6001 Phantom Power Adapter

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