Diy Flight Case

Here is a 3u flight case I designed and built for my Sennheiser wireless system. The case will house four wireless receivers and two in ear monitor transmitters. The six body packs will be stowed in a compartment built into one of the lids..

The aluminium extrusions.. Note the Fender Telecaster (top left) for scale..

The extrusions had to be cut to within a millimetre. No easy task with angled aluminium..

I used abs corners to simplify the construction..

Cutting the panels from Phenol coated 6.5mm birch ply (Hexaboard)

Building the covers..

I used a hacksaw and rotary tool for the cut outs.. Not the easiest of jobs!

Catches held in place with (Tony Kennah's!) clamps whilst riveting down.

And it makes a great rocking horse for my daughter Fern!


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