Playing my '99 US Lakland 4-94 Deluxe bass.. (Who is that guy on the right?)

MP3 player - Songs I have written / recorded and played on

Track selected : Bookemdanno at 0% of , which is

 All tunes recorded and performed, and / or co-written by Wal. Full credits here..

Being the most uncomfortable performer in the world, I am definitely a 'back-room boy', and only ever really at home playing in a recording studio. Although after being talked into joining, I recently finished masquerading as a double bass player with a British band playing Irish style covers, touring the UK and Ireland extensively. And I must say that I enjoyed every minute. Even when the band was down to just the two of us.. Yes, I've pulled on the Curraghboy strip, even when we were down to just our Jockstraps! It's always nice to be appreciated for the Years of time and effort you put into a band..
In March 2012 I joined Irish band Whiskey in the Jar playing upright bass. And I must say that I enjoy every minute. What a great bunch of guys..
A totally self taught musician (guitarist really), "Having had a recording studio from being a teen and having a massive faze on Mike Oldfield, I learnt to play quite a few instruments or at least, learnt them well enough to play in the studio!". Instruments include: Electric, Acoustic, Lap Steel Guitar. Electric Bass, Double Bass, Drums, Piano / Keyboard, Violin, Tin Whistle, Harmonica!

Sound Engineer
Self taught sound engineer recording all types of music. Work for all the terrestrial TV channels and many radio stations. Specialising in Cubase and
Pro Tools. Shipwreck Studios is now closed however, I now have a post production suit Strumit HQ, with much improved gear. I recently re-designed my mobile rig, providing 28 mic channels of 24bit digital audio with 6 separate headphone amps, and an in-ear wireless monitor mix. All in a 6u rack! Add the 4u custom built rack-mount PC with built in Yamaha 24 channel digital mixer and it's also a great live sound / recording system.

Electronics Engineer / Designer
Self taught electronics engineer (with a lot of help from electronics guru and well loved friend Chris Gibson) with a particular interest on the physics side. Specialising in communications and audio equipment and some 'own design' electronics including: binary re-addressing circuits, studio quality audio pre-amps, reference microphones,
piezoelectric instrument pre-amps, audio grade power supplies, guitar effects, midi controllers etc..

Computer Science
Self taught, specialising in web site design, E-commerce, Unix / Linux, PHP Scripting, ASP scripting, Flash scripting, SQL data base management, Embedded systems, deep dive into C++ (eventually disregarded due to the inherent 'crutch' of indexing problems)
, Python aficionado, ios developer, AI API specialist, media streaming, "My first 'real' computer was a Sinclair ZX 81 followed swiftly by a ZX Spectrum. I used to program my own games as the ones available at the time were rubbish.. I once stayed indoors for 3 Months programming a new game! Even earlier than that, I had an Atari 2600 video computer system (one of the earliest games consoles) with the keyboard add-on. I then moved on to just about every home computer available at the time including: Acorn (BBC Micro), Apple Europlus Later, IBM 8086, Amiga. I also had one of the first Atari ST's available in the country running mostly, Steinberg Pro 24. At the time, my speciality was programming vector graphics on my Europlus". I even had a brief encounter with Cobol!

Says Wal, system administrator and chief web site designer at StrumIT, "The thing is, when you launch a web site, most 'good' designers would beta test the site extensively before launching it. Well here at Strumit, we beta test the s*** out of it on our own private testing servers, so that it actually works properly the first time (hosts and their servers permitting). This way we keep our customers sweet".

Self taught Luthier specialising in electric / acoustic guitar repair / modification. Violin repair / restoration and bow re-hair (without a jig!). Some examples here.

Hobbies / Interests

Hill Walking, Cycling, listening to live amateur music and going to the pub!


My lovely Wife, pictured here outside Strumit HQ with 'Monty' the upside down cat...
(Note the subtle cabling to the left!)

And here: My Daughter Fern and I enjoying our first pint together. Opposite the North Pier, Blackpool 16/04/2012

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