These cables cost from around 26 to buy in the UK.. This one cost a little over 14 to make myself.. And apart from the Sennheiser type locking jack, which are available from that popular online auction site (3)! Most of the parts came from the rather excellent Audiospares. Not to be confused with the well respected but also 'well expensive' Studiospares!

 Sennheiser G2 belt pack transmitter pin out

Neutrik angled Silent Jack, Sennheiser (type) locking 3.5mm stereo Jack Plug, Lynx 6mm
instrument cable and heat shrink tubing..

Be sure to strip back the black conductive plastic sheath should your cable use it..

Alternative black heat shrink tubing..

I use a DI box to secure the jack plug whilst soldering the connections..

Often overlooked with Neutrik connectors.. You must remove (snip off!) the spacer to
accommodate thicker cable (6mm in this case)

Like so..

Neutrik angled Silent Jack..

All done!

And a cable tie.. 1 for 10 from my local Pound shop..

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