12 week scan.. 6 cm in length

Just had the first scan.. It took a while as the baby was a bit shy, and kept turning away from the scanner! The due date has now been re-estimated to the 3RD of July.. Thanks to all our friends for your kind words...

This is my personal site and as such, may well include self opinionated nonsense (and silly photo's)! And will be quite bloggy and nerdy in nature (What else would a website named after yourself be about!). As this site is fairly new, it will take some time to get it 'up to speed'.. www.strum.it is my more established site, so you may like to check it out.
Like all of my web sites, this site is hosted on my personal LAMP server 'Air~one' located at StrumitHQ (The Back Bedroom!). You can read more about it here.. The site is powered by a customised version of SMF, a PHP script which I have savagely hacked over many years. The site also uses a MySql data base and Java Script. If anyone would like to host a site here, including any Linux based Open Source Code you can think of, along with my private global Anycast name servers.. Just get in touch...

Yours, Walbo!

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