I have really enjoyed the last 12 months playing bass with Irish band 'Wiskey in the Jar'. We played lots of great gigs. Most memorable for me was the Rainbow Festival on the Isle of Bute in Scotland.. However 2013 saw a big change in the booking / availability of some of the band members. This was partly due to the conception of duo offshoot band 'Masons Apron' sharing the booking calendar with 'Whiskey in the Jar'. As all working musicians know, it is much easier to find bookings for a duo than a full band. Due in part, to the silly UK licensing laws! (I had an on-line petition against this here on PW.com a few years ago!). At first MA were just taking quiet days from the WITJ calendar which wasn't so bad. But then when a web site appeared and advance bookings were being taken, I decided I could no longer justify my personal commitment with the band to my family..

I wish both bands every success in the future, and would like to personally thank all the members for some great times particularly, top fiddle player Jamie Knowles for putting my name forward for the position in the first place…

As always, I will now retire back into 'Wally's World' (my recording studio) and start work on some new tunes. I also look forward to continuing work on Brendan Comer's mini CD..

I joined Irish band 'Whiskey in the Jar' back in March 2012 playing my trusty Yamaha SLB200 upright bass (affectionately known as 'The Swordfish'!). I enjoy every minute playing with these guys. This must be the first band I have played in where ego counts for nothing! The band play mostly around northwest England however, bookings in Ireland, Scotland, Yorkshire and London are not uncommon for the band: www.witj.co.uk

Setting-up.. knowsley hall, Prescot, Merseyside, UK 17 March 2012

26 May 2012 Isle of Bute Rainbow Festival

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