Maggini / Amati Copys fitted with Walster / Baracus Berry embedded piezo bridge pickups / shock mounted DPA 4060 / 4061 miniature mics
Walster MicroDI / Headway EDB-1 acoustic preamp (Separate piezo / mic mix to desk)
Sennheiser personal monitor system

Yamaha SB200 electric upright bass
'99 US Lakland 4 94 Deluxe electric bass
US Lakland 55 94 electric bass
Walster custom built rack with Hartkie HA 350 amp / Behringer rack tuner / Sennheiser IEM Transmitter
Peavey 4 x 12 cab
Hartke HA1200 Kickback combo
Sennheiser personal monitor receiver

Electric Guitar:
1965 Fender Mustang
Walster ValveDrive overdrive pedal
Vox Night Train all valve amp
Walster custom 1 x 12 cab (Vintage Celestion fitted)
Sennheiser personal monitor system

Acoustic Guitar:
Takamine EAN 10 Electro Acoustic
Customised 'Baby Taylor' Acoustic (Walster electronics)
Customised Taylor GS Mini Acoustic (Walster electronics)
StrumIt Fet Cable /
Headway EDB-1 acoustic preamp
Sennheiser personal monitor system

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